Can I get in if I'm under 25?
While we would love to welcome everyone to Pure. We are a 25+ over establishment. On certain scheduled nights, there will be a 30+ age requirement.  All patrons are required to show ID at the door.

What forms of ID are acceptable?
We have to follow the law so we can only accept State Drivers Licenses, State IDs, or Passports.


Are reservations needed on Fridays and Saturdays?
Pure is the new premier spot in the Hudson Valley.  Fridays and Saturdays are our most popular nights.  In order to make things fair, and to eliminate any problems at the door about who gets in and who doesn’t, we implemented reservations only on the weekends. Those with reservations are given first priority. 

How do I make a reservation?
The easiest way is at http://www.pureloungeny/rerservations/

I had a reservation and I still had to wait for my table. Why?
We hate that! And we apologize. The blessing here is that we are super popular and we have great and loyal customers. The curse is that we are a small establishment and sometimes that means we have way more people than we have tables for. And due to the great feel, people tend to chill and hang around a little longer than at most places, so it causes some overlap on reserved tables. We try our best to make sure reserved tables are ready for you upon your arrival. But if for some reason it isn’t, please grab a drink at the bar and know we are working  your table cleared & cleaned so we can get you in your seat and enjoying your night!

What time does the kitchen close?
We take the last food orders at 11:00 pm.

When do you do last call for alcohol?
1:30 am. While we would love to serve you until 8:00 am, we have to follow the rules.

I want to sit at the bar? Can I reserve a bar seat?
 The bar seats are on a first come, first serve basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and of course cash! 

What if im late for my reservation?
-We can hold your table/section for 15 minutes past your reservation time. In order to be fair to people waiting on line, after 15 minutes we consider the reservation a no-show and we start taking people off the waiting list.
  Please stress to your group to be on time.

I made a reservation for 4 people but I didn’t know my friend would bring 2 extra people with her. Can they squeeze in?

Unfortunately, because we are a small establishment we are often unable to accommodate add-ons. It is not fair to the table next you to have people from your table spilling over into their space. We only reserve tables for the amount of people that were put down on the reservation. 

How long can I hang out?
Due to reservations, on Fridays and Saturday, there is a 2 hour time limit, during dinner hours. On quieter days of the week, you are welcome to stay, drink and eat, for longer.